My most recent book Counting the Days Recovery through the Romance Side of the Brain, was created from boxes of my writing. As I recovered from a horrific car accident. Recovery has dominated my life for good or bad , but the path I’ve taken it is who I remade myself to be. 


The way then I look at my original self she died in 1972 at the hands of a horrific car crash. Wrecking my new sports car on a lonely stretch of state route 46 in Kern County.  I piece of road and death I share.Very close to the spot where James Dean died in his Porsche 550. I feel a kin to Dean, who stories of wild and sensitive are me. I have an unsettling in my gut. More about his accident and mine later... 

December 6, 2008 Book Release: My mother and Jan Mock attending.  Counting the days Recovery through the Romance Side of the Brain at Marin Brain Injury Network

1132 Magnolia Ave. Larkspur, CA 94939; phone 415-461-6671


January 7, 2009 Author signing event at Alexander Book Company

50 2nd St., San Francisco, CA 94105; phone 415-495-2992


February 12, 2009 The Candy Bar Spoken Word; Artist Performance

1335 Fulton St., San Francisco, CA 94117 bitch; phone 415-673-7078


April 28, 2009 Author signing event Book INC.,  

2275 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94114 phone 415-864-6777


Public speaking events:


March 27, 2010 Walk for Thought for brain injury awareness month hosted by California Brain Injury Association


April 22, 2009 Recovery through the Romance Side of the Brain and Health Equity, the annual San Francisco State University Human Rights event


The summit was Dying for Health Ten CC’s of Equity


August 7, 2010 Marin Brain injury Network author event as guest speaker and book signing 1132 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur, CA 94939


January 8, 2011 and March 11, 2011 Speaker invite at Women in Progress, produced by Linda Z productions. Fireside room, Plymouth United Church of Christ

424 Monte Vista, Oakland, CA; phone 510-701-1022

P. “Tyler” Stanley


P. “Tyler” Stanley is a freelance scriptwriter and author. Her education is in law. She’s the author of Ballad of An Imagined Woman, published in A Women’s Anthology; and co-writer of Monkey Bites, a film produced in San Francisco. JVM appears in Redwood Writer’s Club Vintage Voices and San Francisco Birthday a historical piece at the 2007 Writer’s Conference Anthology More Bridges, also published in Vintage Voices Volume II. Her book, Counting the Days, Recovery Through the Romance Side of the Brain was released in 2009. Tyler also wrote and edited, Caregiving in the Comfort of Home 4th edition published February 2014.”


Ms. Stanley currently is devoted to optioning, a character driven murder-romance screenplay. Fire In the Heart, is a pioneering romantic novel, Churning, a non-fiction account of surviving Traumatic Brain Injury. Additionally, Ms. Stanley co-filmed a political piece on affordable housing needed for Napa Valley, CA.


Personally, Ms. Stanley devotes her non-writing time to hanging-out with friends, her dog GIZMO. Meet Gizmo on my page "all around Tyler" She's a lifelong, advocated for survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury.

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