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P. “Tyler” Stanley is a freelance scriptwriter and author. Her education is in law. She’s the author of Ballad of An Imagined Woman, published in A Women’s Anthology; and co-writer of Monkey Bites, a film produced in San Francisco. J.V. M. appears in Redwood Writer’s Club Vintage Voices and San Francisco Birthday in 2007 of the Writer’s Conference Anthology More Bridges; next San Francisco Birthday, a historic romantic piece published in Vintage Voices Volume II, 2007.


First solo, Counting the Days, Recovery Through the Romance Side of the Brain was released in 2009. Tyler also wrote and edited; Caregiving in the Comfort of Home 4th edition published February 2014. Tyler currently is devoted to optioning, a female character driven murder-romance screenplay. 


Fire in the Heart a pioneering romantic novel. Churning, a nonfiction account of surviving Traumatic Brain Injury. Another Spilling Over Edge, prose. Additionally, Tyler wrote and co-filmed a political piece on the need for affordable housing for the Napa Valley. Presently living in San Diego, Tyler writes with her dog Kain at her side. We love the beach and driving with the top-down. Her current book, "Keys." Is special in that it weaves Tyler’s unreasonably, difficult and wild recovery living with TBI from age 17, to her accomplishments and how she did it.

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