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babe, steppin' out

Into the night

Into the light

You babe, steppin' out....

(David Ian Jackson)

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San Diego has no shortage of sun & wind, after a not so pleasant break up (they don't need to be like that!) just ask and you shall receive.  


I ended up living in North County with nice roads. I had to make a car change because of the break up. I went for the sexy, fun, cheap MX5. Screams pleasure! The Miata Club had a sun-filled day in Borrego Springs, CA.


I was there before and memorable so I hit the road with this group. Sightseeing, chatting and 50 MX5's driving through the town top down. Harley event was there that day in March and several RV clubs... Dune buggy and Jeep heaven. 

Tyler's Photography

Tyler's Photograhy
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