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Counting the Days

Recovery through the Romance Side of the Brain

ISBN-13: 978-0595482504

ISBN-10: 0595482503

I am in awe of actors. In this life or after, I hope to write good material so actors can do what they do best be someone else. 

Tyler Stanley (2017)

Capital Fund Screenplay Competition


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Product details

  • Paperback : 124 pages

  • ISBN-10 : 0595482503

  • ISBN-13 : 978-0595482504

  • Publisher : iUniverse (December 3, 2008)

  • Dimensions : 6 x 0.31 x 9 inches

  • Item Weight : 6.7 ounces

  • Language: : English


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One woman's hard journey to recovery from traumatic brain injury and she did it through romantic poetry. No cure but a better life understanding myself.


Traumatic Brain Injured Survivor, author, lesbian, out of a coma by the Oxford Book of Verse. I am a survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury for more years than I want to recall. My building blocks or tips from my recovery will help you. What you get with my show is my experience. I'm giving you recovery tips for your success. I understand your pain personally. I've had your struggles. You can find more about my journey on my website I am totally traumatic brain. You can read a lot on the Internet about traumatic brain injury, recovery, the brain. How it functions or how


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